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Windsor Brokers Reviews, Fees, Rating 2023

Updated on February 12, 2024

Windsor Brokers. Another of the brokerage companies that certainly deserves your attention. This brand presents itself to traders primarily as an expert in social trading. And specifically on Copy Trading. At the same time, it presents itself as a trustworthy broker, which is reliable, safe, and moreover promises rewards to its loyal clients. But what is it really like to trade with Windsor Brokers? That’s what we’ll look at in this review.

Review Windsor Brokers quickly and clearly

Windsor Brokers is a regulated brokerage brand with a long tradition. It offers its clients an entry bonus of $30 under certain conditions and gives them a choice of several types of accounts, including a free demo account. The educational opportunities here are excellent. Here you will find many opportunities to learn something new from the world of trading. However, if we look at the services offered by this broker, they are rather average. The number of assets offered is below average compared to other brands.

The essentials about Windsor Brokers

Windsor Brokers is a global online broker that allows its clients to trade CFD products. It is a trusted brand whose history dates back to 1988. Currently, you can use its services through the WindsorBrokers.com website.

Services to clients originating from the European Union are provided at this address by Windsor Brokers Ltd, based in the Cyprus city of Limassol. And it was from the Cyprus CySEC ( Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ) that this company received a license that entitles it to offer its services not only in Cyprus, but within the entire EU. And therefore also in the Czech Republic.

What the broker will offer you

When we say that Windsor Brokers is a CFD broker, it surely tells you that you can trade CFD products with them. So only financial derivatives, not physical assets. Classic shares and ETFs included. So if you are looking for a broker with whom you can trade classic securities, then Windsor Brokers is probably not what you are looking for. But if CFDs are enough for you, then this broker might be the right one for you.

CFD trading

If you’re confused about what CFD trading actually entails, let’s explain it in a nutshell. When you choose to trade CFD products, you are not trading physical assets. So you won’t actually buy a ton of oil. Or, on the contrary, they sold it. This is only speculation on the price level of the underlying asset. So when you enter a buy position, then you are speculating on its growth. On the other hand, when you enter a sell position, you let the broker know that you are speculating on its decline.

Whether you will make a profit from your trade, or whether you will lose in it, will depend on whether you have correctly estimated the price development of the given asset. The moment you enter the trade, you enter into an imaginary agreement with the broker that you both agree to pay the other party any price difference. If the price has moved in the direction you expected from the time you entered the trade to the time you exited your position, the broker will pay you the difference. And you will earn from it. But if it moves above the other side, then you pay the difference to the broker. And of course you will lose.

You can also make good money trading financial derivatives. That is, if you can correctly estimate in which direction the price of the given asset will move based on the findings from the market research. In addition, there are several pluses that you will not find when trading traditional assets. First of all, it is precisely the fact that you do not have to deal with the transport and storage of commodities. And then also the fact that you can earn not only on the growth, but also on the decline in the price of the asset.

Financial leverage

CFD trading also inherently includes the possibility of using financial leverage. What is it? It is a mechanism that allows you to trade with a larger volume of a certain asset than you have funded yourself. And that with several times bigger. But you should know that using financial leverage can be quite risky, especially for beginning traders.

This is because when you use this mechanism for your store, your earnings will multiply, as well as the profit you generated on the store. So, on the one hand, you can take it as a big advantage. On the other hand, you can quickly lose your finances. Therefore, we recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the functioning of the market and the possible risks.

On the market, you will meet a number of unregulated brokers who will offer you the opportunity to use really high financial leverage. And it can carry a really high risk for you. Especially if you don’t have enough trading experience yet. However, this does not apply to the Windsor Brokers brand. It respects the regulations of the ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) and has set the maximum possible amount for retail traders as follows:

  • Up to 1.30am for major currency pairs
  • Up to 1:20 for minor currency pairs, major indices and gold
  • Up to 1:10 for secondary indices and other commodities
  • Up to 1:5 for stocks, ETFs and bonds
  • Up to 1:2 for cryptocurrencies

But professional traders are a different category. They can count on a leverage of up to 1:500 with this brokerage brand.

Offer assets to trade

So now you know what kind of trading awaits you with this broker. But it remains to introduce the specific assets that you can trade at Windsor Brokers. So what are they? These include stocks, ETFs, bonds , Forex currency pairs, indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies.

We can therefore say that the offer of CFD products at Windsor Brokers is quite wide. But what about the number of a specific asset class? That’s what we’re going to take a closer look at now.


Of the shares, this broker will offer you only American ones. More specifically, those from the US. You can trade a total of 104 of them here. However, you will not find securities from European countries with this brand.

image 2


There are a total of 6 baskets of stocks, i.e. ETFs, to choose from at Windsor Brokers. So there is no big selection in this area.


If you would also like to trade bonds as a CFD, this broker will allow you to do so. And this is not at all a matter of course with CFD brokers. In total, he will offer you 4 of these securities. And in addition to US bonds, you also have European bonds available. More specifically, those from Germany.


Windsor Brokers will also make available to you trading in the foreign exchange market where currency pairs are traded. You will find a total of 45 of these at this company. Among them are main and cross pairs. Not the exotic ones though.


There are a total of 14 indices that this broker will offer you. And it’s not just the American ones. Among them are also those from European countries, Australia or Asia. Specifically, you can trade here, for example, Dow Jones, EU 50 or Japan 225.


In terms of commodities, Windsor Brokers offers agricultural, metal and energy commodities to choose from. You can choose from 13 different commodities. Among them, of course, there is no shortage of gold, oil or corn


The selection of virtual currency for trading is not very wide for this brand. This broker gives you a choice between 6 cryptocurrencies.

How to trade with Windsor Brokers

MetaTrader 4

The brokerage brand Windsor Brokers lets its traders trade through the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. No other platform is available with this broker. Which of course brings a disadvantage if this platform does not suit you and you would like to use another. On the other hand, it is currently the most popular trading platform on the market. You can find it in the offer of most current brokers.

 MT4 is supposed to suit not only novice traders but also more advanced ones. The MT4 platform is intuitive, so you can become friends with it quite easily. In addition, it contains a number of functions and advanced tools that can be used by more demanding traders.

Another advantage is that you can use it in different ways. And it’s up to you whether you use all three or choose the only option that suits you. You can open it as a WebTrader in your browser window. You can log in from any device you have at hand. But if you don’t mind downloading apps and would prefer a more stable version, you can download the desktop platform to your computer.

And the third option, which will certainly be welcomed by all who want to have an overview of their trading in any situation, is the mobile application. You can download it to your phone via the App Store or Google Play.

Mobile application and loyalty program

Windsor Brokers also has its own mobile application with which you can track your trades. Or trade. At the same time, you can monitor how you are doing within the loyalty program that the broker has prepared for its clients. It consists of four levels, depending on the volume of your trades. The more volume you trade, the higher level you are. You can then redeem your accumulated points for rewards.


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