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Is Sun Crypto a Good Investment?

Updated on March 30, 2023

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Since the fall of cryptocurrency hotshot Sam Bankman-Fried, there’ve been shockwaves experienced in the industry that have made both novice and seasoned crypto players ask: Is sun crypto a good investment? As a result, this article looks into this question.

However, despite the recent speculation surrounding cryptocurrency, industry enthusiasts still expect it to become more popular in the near future. Consequently, this article looks into SUN’s place in the crypto market and whether it is a sound investment.

What is Sun Crypto?

Sun (ticker: SUN) is a cryptocurrency that was designed to support the development of decentralized finance (DeFi) on the blockchain network called TRON (ticker: TRX). Consequently, in May 2021, SUN.io decided to expand the number of SUN tokens from 19.9 million to 19.9 billion and thereby resulting in the transfer of SUN (New) at roughly 1:1000 ratio to original token holders.

SUN.io’s DeFi platform is made up of SunSwap-a stablecoin-focused decentralized exchange (DEX)- combined with related liquidity pools and farming options for owners of Sun Tokens. According to DeFi Llama, SUN.io has $820.2m in total value frozen as of 8th June 2022.

Consequently, as a result of the community and open-source smart contracts, SUN has developed ties with a few other DeFi projects on the TRON public chain. Basically, SunSwap is the largest decentralized application (DApp) on the TRON network in terms of trade volume.

Additionally, it also has the most active users of any TRON-based DApp. Presently citing an impressive 75,710 new wallet addresses, far above Transit Swap’s meagre 12,510 users and JustLend’s 6,400.

Why SUN (SUN)?

TRON’s DeFi ecosystem

As shown above, the origin of SUN was to support the growth of TRON’s DeFi community. Consequently, the project developed connections to a number of other DeFi projects developed on the network. Subsequently, it began creating a network of projects that connect to one another through SUN. Undoubtedly this opened doors to more uses for their cryptocurrencies.

Increased functionalities

Undoubtedly, SUN is a one-stop platform for some of the most used functionalities DeFi has to offer. Consequently, operations such as stablecoin swaps, token mining, and self-governance are possible through SUN.

Increasing TRON usage

SUN is raising TRON usage by incorporating all its best aspects in one place. Unsurprisingly, it connects other DeFi projects to itself, thereby creating a network within TRON. This results in innovation and increased usage of TRON.

In order to determine whether SUN is a good investment, a look at its price predictions is necessary. However, predicting future pricing and estimating price variations is difficult; therefore, referring to Sun Token Price Predictions is an excellent place to start the analysis.

Price prediction data from https://bitnation.co/forecast/sun-token-price-prediction/

Price prediction breakdown


According to crypto enthusiasts, Sun Token’s rise has been astonishing this year. The SUN price forecast for 2022 reflects the expectation for the second half of the year. The hope is that it will rise gradually to $0.00757, with a minimum value of roughly $0.006056


Anticipated announcements of new partnerships and deals could spell room for growth of the Sun Token. SUN could surpass $0.012617. Caution must be applied until SUN’s relative strength index leaves the oversold zone. Given the market volatility, SUN might earn a minimum trading price of $0.010094 and an average trading price of roughly $0.011103.


Assuming the upwards trend continues, the price could reach $0.017664. However, should the market experience a decline, this price target might not be possible. The hope is for SUN to trade at a price of $0.017664 and a dip of $0.015141 in this year.


The token could remain stable for the next five years if crypto players remain optimistic about SUN. Market predictions indicate that this would be the year SUN would be a winner with a price of $0.022711. Its minimum price would be $0.020188, and an average price of $0.021197.


In due time, the hope is that by 2026, SUN will stand at an average price level of $0.026244, with a minimum price of $0.025235.


In essence, partnerships and other opportunities will see the average price comfortably settle at roughly $0.031291. Therefore, if SUN goes over the resistant level this year, it could earn a maximum price of around $0.032805.


Basically, the bullish trend on the currency is expected to continue, earning it a minimum price of $0.040376, potentially hitting a maximum price value of $0.042899.


Hopefully, by this time, SUN will have finally gone beyond its previous ATH values to hit new highs. Consequently, Its minimum price could be $0.040376, potentially hitting a maximum price value of $0.042899.


Supposing all has gone as predicted, the currency would have gained large usage by this time and, therefore, would be able to deliver a price value of $0.04946.


In closing, from the time of its creation, Sun has changed many industries. Unsurprisingly, the coin has received positive reviews from several industry regulators. Additionally, the currency has a determined group of developers whose job is to increase usage, therefore making the future look bright for SUN. However, as in other investments, detailed research is needed before leaping to invest.

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