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Falcon Broker Review, Fees, Rating 2023

Updated on February 12, 2024

A new online broker called Falcon Broker is hitting the market right now. Among other things, it also brings an interesting offer for traders with high capital. Or for those who are simply successful. Are you wondering if this is the right broker for you? You will find out in our review. Together, we will look at what exactly you can expect from this broker.

Falcon Broker reviews quickly and clearly

Falcon Broker is innovative in many ways. It tries to move with the times and adapts its conditions to traders who rely on cryptocurrency investments. You will not do business with it using regular currency, but only with the help of the digital one. In addition, you win with him when you deposit a larger amount into your account or when you succeed in trading. In this case, you can expect a reward from the broker.

The most basic about Falcon Broker

The brokerage brand Falcon Broker is owned by a company called Future Finance Services LTD and is regulated as an International Brokerage and Clearing House by MISA under license number T2023327.

The broker does not allow trading in the Czech currency. Not even any other fiat currency. How is it possible? All deposits and withdrawals at this broker take place only through cryptocurrencies . At the same time, the vast majority of the virtual currency of all clients of this broker is stored on hardware wallets. This cryptocurrency storage solution is considered to be the most secure. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your cryptocurrency being appropriated by hackers.

What the broker will offer you in terms of deposit security

Falcon Broker only accepts deposits in cryptocurrency, but the highest priority is the safety of client funds.

The separation of client funds from the company’s funds must be a matter of course and standard even in the world of digital currencies today, which is the first insurance and at the same time a signal that the broker, as well as the cryptocurrency broker, treats client funds responsibly.

Falcon Broker brings a higher standard to this in the form of keeping the client’s digital assets in an American trust, with a so-called qualified administrator. A qualified administrator in this case means a specially licensed and regulated institution, entrusted with the maximum secure management of digital assets of third parties.

For the maximum possible degree of protection of client funds, Falcon Broker client funds newly deposited in this way are insured against various types of risks up to USD 250 million.

This insurance coverage is provided by one of the world’s best-known companies in the field, the globally operating Lloyd’s group.

How to trade with Falcon Broker

As already stated, with the Falcon Broker brand, you trade through cryptocurrency that you deposit into your trading account. So you trade all assets from one account, which is denominated in cryptocurrency. You have a trading platform at hand to make your investments. It’s only available online, so you can be sure that you’ll have access to it anytime, anywhere. You will have your shops under your thumb.

In addition, all assets can also be traded using the effect of financial leverage. This means you can trade with a much higher volume of assets than you fund yourself. As a result, your profit and loss will multiply. The higher the financial leverage you use, the higher the multiple will be credited to you.

How to open an account on Falcon Broker

Opening an account with this broker is completely simple, so you don’t have to worry about lengthy procedures. Anyone can really do it. And maybe from the comfort of your own living room. Just like trading itself, registration only takes place online. Just load the broker’s website and find the “Sing UP” button located in the upper right corner. After clicking on it, a form is waiting for you to fill in basic information about yourself. The broker will also ask for your contact details.

After their verification, the broker will ask you about everything necessary through other forms. However, filling them in does not end there. A very important step will come next. And that verification, i.e. account verification, without which you will not be able to use your trading account to the full. To do this, you need to upload several documents.

Upload the first document to verify your identity. It can be a national identity card, driver’s license or even a valid passport. At the same time, the broker may ask you to upload a current selfie. You will then verify your residential address with the second document. You will need a bank account statement or utility bill for this. After you upload photos or scans of these documents, you just have to wait for confirmation from the broker that your account has been verified. At that moment, you can start trading cryptocurrency in full.

Are you asking why this procedure with uploading various documents is actually needed? The broker has an obligation to comply with anti-money laundering laws. So they must require this verification. Likewise, these laws are the reason why Falcon Broker does not accept payments from third

Types of live accounts

Falcon Broker is among those who give you a choice of several types of accounts. It offers its clients exactly 4 types of live accounts. Among them are Academy Account, Standard Account, Falcon Trader and Falcon LP.

We will compare the first two types of accounts mentioned in the following table:

Minimum deposit amount
Spread amountKind of support
Academy Account1 000 USDTFrom 1.5 pipuTechnical support
Standard Account10 000 USDTFrom 1.0 pipuPremium support

The other two accounts are quite specific. So, to explain their essence, we will look at them in more detail.

Falcon Trader

If you open an account called Falcon Trader, you will receive support from the brokerage company. Falcon Broker will also provide you with part of its own funds for trading. Up to 500,000 USDT. However, the condition is that you have at least 300,000 USDT of equity capital and that you always invest at least 30% of your funds in the trade. Your profit from trading subsequently can be up to 90%.

Falcon LP

The Falcon LP account is specially designed for clients who have a larger amount of capital. To such traders, Falcon Broker has decided to provide certain rewards for providing it with liquidity. You can expect these in the form of positive commission fees. So in this case, the broker pays you for trading. You can also add discounts to your own stores. In addition, the broker promises that the most active owners of these accounts will also share a part of the company’s profit.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Falcon Broker

For all types of accounts, you can decide in which currency you want to keep your account. However, as we have already mentioned, it must always be a cryptocurrency. Here, you deposit your trading account with Falcon Broker either directly from your own crypto wallet, or you can exchange your fiat currency for cryptocurrency through cryptocurrency exchanges of your choice or those that the broker refers you to. You can deposit either directly the cryptocurrency in which you keep your account, or another virtual currency. In such a case, however, expect a possible loss resulting from the current exchange rate. This is because the broker will have to convert it to the currency you have set as default for your account.

And just like deposits, withdrawals can only be requested in cryptocurrency. After Falcon Broker approves your withdrawal request, you will return the desired amount of virtual currency to your crypto wallet, possibly through an exchange or exchange, where the client withdraws USDt from his account, the exchange arranges everything necessary and the money arrives back to the client’s account in bank.

Fees at the broker

The basic fee at Falcon Broker is spreads. It is the difference between the purchase and sale price of an asset. The amount of these fees is floating. This means that it changes along with the current market situation. In addition, the amount of the spread is also different for each asset. And it also depends on what type of account you choose. In the case of an Academy Account, it starts at 1.5 pips, when setting up a Standard Account, expect spreads from 1.0 pips.

Falcon Broker does not mention commission fees, i.e. the broker’s commission for mediating the trade. However, you can always check the trading fees, including the current amount of the spread for individual assets, in your trading platform. You will also find the amount of the swap fee there. The broker will rip you off if you decide to stay in your trading position overnight. That is, even after business hours.

In addition, you should definitely know about the inactivity fee, which is not unusual for online brokers these days. Falcon Broker charges an inactivity fee of 35 USDT per month. It will start charging when you leave your account for 90 days without making a new deposit or making any new trade. In this case, your account will be declared inactive. However, if you have a balance of less than 35 USDT in your account, the fee will only be the amount you have left in your trading account.

Customer service

If you are interested in anything about the Falcon Broker, or if you encounter any discrepancy with your account, you can solve everything with the help of the customer support of this broker. On the company’s website, you will find a form where you can specify your question and send it directly to support. You can also contact her directly via email, live chat or by phone. Falcon Broker customer service is active every weekday.

Falcon Broker Review – Summary

Falcon Broker is a young brokerage company that strives to meet the modern needs of traders. At least for those who believe in the future of cryptocurrencies. In addition, successful traders or customers with high equity can receive rewards and a number of other benefits from this company.


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