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Comparison: Eightcap or Windsor Brokers?

Updated on February 12, 2024

Eightcap and Windsor Brokers. Two online CFD brokers with whom Czech traders can also open a trading account. Wondering which of these two companies is worth doing business with? Then definitely don’t hesitate and read our comparison. It will tell you what assets these brokers will offer you to trade, what trading platforms you can close your trades on and what fees you can expect from them.

Basic information

At the outset, it should be said that these two brokerage brands have a lot in common. Firstly, that the companies that mediate their services to clients from the European Union are based in the Cypriot city of Limassol. And secondly, that it owns the necessary licenses for the European market. These were provided to both by the Cyprus CySEC ( Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission ), which also supervises both companies.

What differs, however, is the year of establishment. You can see in the table that the Windsor Brokers brand is much older. And therefore more experienced. It was created already in 1988. While broker Eightcap entered the market in 2009.

PlatformEightcapWindsor Brokers
OperatorEightcap EU LtdWindsor Brokers Ltd
The seat of the operatorCyprus, LimassolCyprus, Limassol
Year of foundation20091988
License for EUCySECCySEC

Comparison of asset offerings at Eightcap and Windsor Brokers

The offer of services does not differ in this case. Both companies only let you trade CFD products.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Classic actionsYesYes

CFD asset offer comparison

If you are looking for a broker with a wider range of trading instruments, then we recommend betting on Eightcap. The range of products at Windsor Brokers is really below average. The biggest difference in the number of assets is for these brands in CFD shares. About 600 of these can be traded at Eightcap, while only 104 at Windsor Brokers. Likewise, Eightcap will offer you more underlying commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies and currency pairs on Forex.

On the other hand, you can also trade CFDs on bonds and ETFs at Windor Brokers. Broker Eightcap does not offer these instruments.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
ActionsAbout 600104
ETFIt does not offer CFDs on ETFs6
BondsIt does not offer bond CFDs4
Forex55 currency pairs45 currency pairs

Comparison of conditions for CFD trading

You can trade all the mentioned trading assets with both of these brokers with the same high financial leverage. This is due to the regulation that both brokers are subject to. And so with them, small individual traders can trade with a maximum leverage of 1:30. For professional traders, leverage of up to 1:500 is available with both of these brands.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Financial leverage for professionalsUp to 1:500Up to 1:500
Leverage for stocksUp to 1:5Up to 1:5
Leverage for ETFsIt does not offer CFDs on ETFsUp to 1:5
Financial leverage for bondsIt does not offer bond CFDsUp to 1:5
Leverage for ForexUntil 1:30Until 1:30
Financial leverage for commoditiesUntil 1:20Until 1:20
Financial leverage for indicesUntil 1:20Until 1:20
Financial leverage for cryptocurrenciesUp to 1:2Up to 1:2

Comparison of trading platforms

When it comes to trading platforms, both brokers rely on the very well-known MetaTrader. Specifically, with Eightcap, you can trade on both MT4 and MT5. With Windsor Brokers, you can use MT4 and the broker’s own mobile application called the Windsor Brokers App. For both brands, you can decide whether to trade via the web or desktop version. And at the same time, you can also download a mobile application from them. But only the Windsor Brokers brand will offer you social trading.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Number of trading platforms22
Trading platformMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5MetaTrader 4, Windsor Brokers App
Web platformAgainAgain
Desktop platformAgainAgain
Mobile tradingAgainAgain
Social tradingYesAgain

Comparison of account management with Eightcap and Windsor Brokers

Both of these brands will offer you a practice demo account for free. With Windsor Brokers, anyone who opens this account can use it without a time limit. With Eightcap, only those who have an active live account with this brand can use it indefinitely. Others can enjoy the benefits of a demo account for 30 days only. Or until they close 5,000 deals on it.

In addition, both brokers offer several types of live accounts, so each trader can choose the one that suits him best. However, account management is only possible in foreign currencies. Not in Czech crowns. If you’re interested in what accounts these brokers offer you, check out our reviews of Eightcap and Windsor Brokers as well .

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Multiple account typesAgainAgain
Demo accountFor clients with active accounts without a time limit, for others for a period of 30 days or until the closing of 5,000 tradesWithout time limit
Currency for keeping the accountAUD, USD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, SGDUSD, GBP, EUR a JPY

Deposits and withdrawals with Eightcap and Windsor Brokers

In this part of the comparison, we will show how these companies have set conditions for deposits and withdrawals. For both deposits and withdrawals, you have the option of choosing between several payment methods at both brokers. And that between bank transfer, payment card and internet wallet. At the same time, the Eightcap brand will also offer you the opportunity to fund your account using cryptocurrency.

Deposit comparison

Neither broker charges any fees for deposits. However, be aware that transaction intermediaries may charge variously high fees. Especially if you deposit via international bank transfer, internet wallets, or in cryptocurrency.

Deposit limits are set at both brokers. Eightcap requires a minimum deposit of $100 for your first deposit, after which you can deposit any amount. The maximum limit is given here differently for each payment method.

At Windsor Brokers, the first bet is limited to a minimum of $50 or $1,000. It depends on the type of account you have chosen. The maximum possible amount that can be deposited here is USD 25,000.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
ChargePossible fee for international bank transfer, payment via online wallets and payment in cryptocurrencyPossible fees when depositing via internet wallet and international bank transfer
Payment methodsBank transfer, payment card, internet wallets, cryptocurrencyBank transfer, payment card, internet wallet
Minimum amountFirst deposit at least $100, then no limitFirst deposit minimum 50, or 1,000 USD (depending on account type)
Maximum amount$4,000 for credit cards, $50,000 for online wallets, and $100,000 for cryptocurrency payments25 000 USD

Comparison of selections

While the Eightcap broker does not charge any withdrawals either, at Windsor Brokers expect a $3 fee for wire and credit card withdrawals. The same applies here as for deposits. This means that transaction intermediaries can also collect fees.

Limits for withdrawals are set only by the Eightcap brand. However, the limits are set differently for each method. How? Look at the table for that.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
ChargePossible fee for international bank transfer, payment via online wallets and payment in cryptocurrency$3 when withdrawing via bank transfer and credit card, fees vary for other methods
Payment methodsBank transfer, payment card, internet wallets, cryptocurrencyBank transfer, payment card, internet wallet
Minimum amount25 USD when withdrawing by bank transfer, 50 USD when withdrawing via online wallet and in cryptocurrencyNot fixed
Maximum amount50,000 when withdrawing via online wallets and 10,000 when paying in cryptocurrencyNot fixed

Eightcap and Windsor Brokers fee comparison

And now we will focus on the comparison of fees.

Comparison of fees for CFD assets

Both companies charge a spread for trading. The amount of this fee is variable for both brokers and depends on which asset you are trading and which type of account you have chosen. For details, you can take a look at our reviews, where we discuss everything in more detail.

In addition, be sure not to forget the swap fee that both of these companies will charge you when you decide to hold your trading position after trading hours.

And the commission fee is also an important fee. You can also find it at both brokers. Eightcap charges a commission of €2.75 per lot traded on the Raw account. For other accounts, you only pay this fee when trading CFD shares. Windsor Brokers then deducts a commission fee on the Zero and VIP Zero accounts, where you pay $8 per action.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
SpreadFlexible, depends on account typeVariable, depends on account type
Commission feesFor Raw account 2.75 EUR / 3.5 USD per lot, for other accounts only when trading stocksZero and VIP Zero account only – $8 per action

Compare additional fees

Of the other fees, let’s definitely stop at the fee for inactivity. Eightcap does not charge any such fee. However, please note that if you leave your trading account inactive for at least 2 months, it will be temporarily deactivated and must be reactivated for further trading. Windsor Brokers charges an inactivity fee of $20 for every 6 months of inactivity.

If you decide to deposit funds into your trading account in a currency other than the one you have chosen to manage it, the bank may also charge you a currency conversion fee. More precisely, for the conversion of one currency to another. The same also applies to withdrawals.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Deposit feePossible fee for international bank transfer, payment via online wallets and payment in cryptocurrencyPossible fees when depositing via internet wallet and international bank transfer
Withdrawal feePossible fee for international bank transfer, payment via online wallets and payment in cryptocurrency$3 when withdrawing via bank transfer and credit card, fees vary for other methods
Currency conversion feeAccording to the tariff of the client’s bankAccording to the tariff of the client’s bank
Inactivity feeNo charge$20 for every 6 months of inactivity

Comparison of customer service and education

For both customer service and education, you will need to rely on your knowledge of a foreign language. Ideally English. None of the brokers supports the Czech language.

Customer service

If you need to contact customer service, just pick up the phone, write an email, or click on the online chat, which you can find on the websites of both brokers. And while Windsor Brokers’ support is active around the clock and on weekends, Eightcap’s only on weekdays. It must be added, however, that the service of both brokers responds quickly and willingly.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Customer service in CzechYesYes
Contact methodOnline chat, email, phoneOnline chat, email, phone
Active24 hours from Monday to FridayContinuously

Education at Eightcap and Windsor Brokers

As the table itself already outlines, the educational opportunities are at a very good level for both of these brokers. After all, they are only slightly better with the Windsor Brokers brand, where you can also sign up for webinars or seminars. At Eightcap, it seems that the possibility to participate in webinars is still being prepared.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
Educational articles on the webAgainAgain
Educational videosAgainAgain
Seminars / webinarsYesAgain

Safety comparison

You don’t have to worry about security with these brokerage brands. Both are regulated by the European Supervisory Authority. And so they are obliged to keep their clients’ finances in separate bank accounts and to secure their trading accounts against negative balances. At the same time, they are obliged to insure their clients’ finances against the failure of the broker. Up to EUR 20,000.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
License for EUCySECCySEC
Year of foundation20091988
Protection against negative balanceAgainAgain
InsuranceUp to EUR 20,000Up to EUR 20,000

Summary of the comparison – Eightcap or Windsor Brokers?

Already clear which broker you prefer? Will it be Eightcap or Windsor Brokers? To help you make your decision even more, we have prepared the following summary for you. In it you will find a comparison of the pluses and minuses that we found with these brokers.

BrokerEightcapWindsor Brokers
AdvantagesWider offer of assets

Demo account for clients with an active live account without time limit

No fee for inactivity

Broker does not charge fees for deposits and withdrawals

Possible deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency
Also offers CFDs on bonds

Supports social trading

Demo account without time limit

Minimum and maximum amount of withdrawals without limits

Customer support active around the clock

Very good educational opportunities including seminars / webinars
DisadvantagesOffers only CFD products

Does not support Czech currency

Does not support Czech language

Does not support social trading

For clients without an active live account demo account limited to 30 days
Offers only CFD products

Smaller selection of trading instruments

Account cannot be kept in CZK

Does not support the Czech language

Fees for withdrawals

Fee for inactivity


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